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Chapter 6


Today, the main option people have for expressing themselves powerfully is through machines.

— Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories (1987)


The Arduino UNO is an extraordinary open source microprocessor that can function as a standalone device using code provided by a massive community of users. If you are developing a single device it functions beautifully and can get you involved in the world of microprocessor control using code to modify things like flashing LEDs, driving motors, driving relays to switch larger currents or driving sound.

What is spectacular is that the Arduino can also be used in Firmata mode meaning it can function as an interface device to MAX MSP and Jitter through Maxuino.

Maxuino is a collaborative open source project for getting the Cycling ’74  Software “Max/MSP/Jitter” talking to the i/o elements of any Arduino board.  This allows Max MSP and Jitter to read analog and digital pins, write to digital, run PWM, control servo motors and listen to i2c sensors. Maxuino can also talk to Ableton Live device (made with Max for Live) that allows you to communicate with your arduino-compatible microcontroller from Ableton. You can find video tutorials on how to download the necessary software for both Arduino, downloading Firmata and testing that your system is talking well to Maxuino and to MAX MSP and Jitter here: http://www.maxuino.org/

 Arduino UNO
The Arduino UNO pin out from above showing digital input and output, power and analog input pins. Notice that analog input is pin 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. same as Analog in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Once I had gone through the downloading and activation of the Arduino and Firmata testing procedures as referenced in the video tutorials above, Trademark Gunderson wrote a quick patch to allow the necessary pins and functions to automatically reference the Maxuino file to that could be quickly accessed each time you activate Maxuino you start with this file. 



1 Arduino UNO
2 Arduino UNO with Firmata
3 MAX MSP & Jitter
4 Miditron
5 Miditron and E-MU Midi Cable
6 Miditron Terminals
7 Miditron Programmer
8 Basic Stamp 2
9 BS2 Pins and their functions
10 BS2 Getting the software
11 BS2 Installing the software on your system
12 BS2 Connecting your Stamp 2 to your computer and downloading your first program
13 Summary