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Maxuino/Arduino high brightness LED

A high brightness LED can be powered from the Arduino as well using analog output signals. This unit is 3W LED module with a color Temperature of white 6000-6500K.

Forward Current: 700mA
Luminous flux: White 180-200LM (lumens)
Forward Voltage :3.3-3 .6 V
Reverse voltage: 5V
Viewing angle: 180 degrees
Working temperature: -20-60 degrees
Storage temperature :20-60 degrees
Brightness attenuation: 3% after 5000 hours
Life: 50,000 hours

High brightness LED

Notice the glowing yellow in this LED. That is phosphorus that makes the LED even brighter as the lumens come from the current it adds electrons in the process.

The Max MSP patch below can adjust the brightness.